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John's Games

Here you can see all the games developed and published by John's Project.

The games can be found on Google Play, Steam, and of course, here

Assembly line working...

I invite you to step into this world, to feel the weight of each passing moment. Through this experience, I hope you'll gain insight into the silent struggles and enduring resilience of those who live through it.

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Work in progress...

Box: Battlegrounds

A Box styled MMO Battle-Royale capture the flag game. It has a infinite map with flags that can be captured by the players to earn points, which can be used to buy barricades and weapons.

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Champion Battlegrounds logo

Champion Battlegrounds

Champion Battlegrounds is a multiplayer Battle Royale game with unique low-poly anime graphics and a strategic combat system that allows you to play how you like.

* This project is on hold as its vision surpasses my current skills and budget. I'm improving my abilities on side while developing other projects to eventually bring this masterpiece to life.

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Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak

Are you good enough to make your country overcome the pandemic? Try it out! You're the president, a pandemic started, manage the country balancing 8 constantly chaging statistics using isolation measures or budget investments.

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Box: Boxing

A multiplayer virtual reality boxing game with action filled gameplay and unique graphics. Fight against the CPU or others players in the craziest scenarios you've ever seen and become the champion of the Box:Boxing world!

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Nature Fly

A VR experience that let's you fly through various fantastic scenarios. It contains wonderfull forest, lake, desert and canyon scenarios that you can explore. There is also the open world mode where you can fly around as you want.

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Archived Games

These are the games that I developed a long time ago. Some of them were never published in any store, and some were removed due to incompatibility with newer operating systems and API versions. You can download and try them out on your device, but I can't guarantee their functionality.

Work in progress...

John's Software

Here you can see all the software projects in development, developed, or published by John's Project.

The projects can be found on Github, and of course, here

Joo logo

The Joo Programming Language

Joo is a clean, fast, static typed, general purpose programming language created to run on machines with extremely low resources like the Arduino UNO.

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Like a operating system for the arduino, it enables you to use a sketch in different use cases, without having to upload a new one every time.

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JGameEngine is a tiny 3D game engine written in Java. It has a built in software renderer, and no extern dependencies. It only uses Java AWT to create a window.

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JPGE (John's Project Game Engine)

My first game engine. I learned a lot but code was bad so i restarted with JGameEngine.

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How did John's Project start?

You don't know? Well, let me tell you a story.

In the beginning, there was gaming.

One day, my father had the idea to teach me software development. But, at that time, we tried and failed. Yet, that failure sparked an incredible idea, something that had never crossed my mind even in my wildest dreams. Instead of just playing games, I could create them myself. Create worlds where every detail is just as I imagine and dream, and other people can enter these worlds, maybe even meet other people there, and have fun!

After realizing this, I've embarked on a solo research journey, perhaps the most important in my life. The results of this journey forever altered my path.

This is how everything began. Gaming turned into game development, and software development came along. Today I've finished school, and I'm trying to make a living from my hobby. This is my current project, all my games and software are a part of it, my biggest project, John's Project.

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